Former industrial complex to be restored with great potential

Former industrial complex to be restored with great potential

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Important historic property located in Cesa, a hamlet of Marciano della Chiana, Tuscany. This former building, known locally as "La Zuccheraia," was built in 1872 by German industrialist Augusto Braubach, and was one of Italy's first sugar mills, chosen for its advantageous location near the Via Cassia and the abundant beet crops in the Valdichiana. The sugar mill ceased operations in 1885 after the owner's death, although in alternating stages it continued to operate over time.


  • Type: Residential
  • Square Meters: 1200
  • Land: included
  • Energy Class: on pending
  • Price: 300.000 €

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The main building, rectangular in shape and structured on three floors, is elegantly positioned away from the municipal road.

The main structure has remained in its original state, still retaining its characteristic features, including three orders of low arched openings and a brick eave.

Currently, the property offers a unique opportunity for those wishing to bring a piece of Tuscan industrial heritage back to life.

Description of the main building:

  • Historic building of compact rectangular shape.
  • Dimensions about 14 x 26 meters, structured on three floors, each occupied by a very large room.
  • Plastered façade with three rows of symmetrically arranged low arched openings, characterized by brick quoins.
  • Two brick stringcourses separate the ground floor from the second floor, and another stringcourse divides the second floor from the second floor.
  • The eaves are made of brick with elaborately shaped heads and corners.

More recent additions:

  • A low L-shaped body wrapping the north header and part of the west-facing facade, added several decades ago.
  • At the rear of the building, away from the road, two masonry dryers or "stoves" of rectangular shape, with single sloping pitch roofing, perfectly symmetrical and about 10 meters high. Each building consists of two full-height square-shaped rooms.

"La Zuccheraia" is a place of great historical charm, with incredible potential to be restored to its former glory, adapting it to modern commercial and residential needs.

The offer is inclusive of surrounding owned land.

It is an exclusive offer by Barbagli Immobiliare.

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